Antique Fireplace Mantels for Sale - Beautiful Wood & Marble!

Oley Valley Antiques has the largest selection of antique fireplace mantels in the U.S.A. We have over 400 U.S.A. made mantels in stock that date from around 1800 to 1920. Most of our mantels come from  Pennsylvania but others come from all over the world! Our antique mantels are better quality and less expensive than a reproduction of an antique mantle.

Our collection consists of all sizes and the wood mantels range from 1/4 sawn oak to walnut, cherry, mahogany and some pine. We also carry antique marble mantels and some slate. In our workshop we can alter sizes so that we can adjust a mantle to become larger or smaller to fit any specifications. Many of our period styles include country, formal, Medieval, Federal, Art Deco, Gothic, Victorian, and Arts and Crafts.   At our workshop we can refinish to any specific color. We also do installations and ship all over the world.

An antique mantle  adds beauty to any room. These intricately  carved pieces have a patina and history that is uniquely their own. We have displayed, on our website, many antique mantels that have been recently installed into the homes of our customers. Some of our mantels have been redesigned to become the top of a backbar or the surround to an entertainment center. We will work with our customers to meet the specific needs you are looking for.

The term ‘ antique’ has been debated but most professionals agree that an item needs to be around 100 years old. Considering the fact that these antique mantels are still being reproduced today by manufactures, the fact remains that the quality of the original hand made mantels can not be reproduced.

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