Antique Home Bars for Sale - 4 to 14 Feet Long

The largest selection of small antique bars in the USA!

Antique back and front bars that are 4ft. to 14 ft long are primarily for home use where as the 15 ft. and larger bars, we carry, are mostly for restaurant, bar, pub and commercial usage. We have over 150 antique bars in our 4ft to 14 ft. category .

We have many original smaller size antique bars that are 4 ft to 14 ft long . Also , another good option for a smaller antique bar this size is to take a tall antique sideboard that can be used as a backbar alone. We have over 40 of these in stock. Or we can customize a antique tall sideboard to become a matching back and front bar by separating the top from the bottom of the sideboard. The bottom of the sideboard is brought forward to create the front bar. The top section then can be raised to become the back bar top and a custom base can be made to become the back bar base. Since we can customize antiques in our workshop,  One tall antique sideboard becomes 2 pieces ( a back and a front bar ).

We can design a matching front and back bar from any tall antique sideboard.  Antique sideboards range from 4 ft. to 8 ft. long.  Using 2 matching antique sideboards we can create a back and front bar to be 10 ft to 18 ft long .

We have also over 100 tall antique mantles available that would look like a small antique back bar ranging in width from 4 ft. to 10 ft. long . You can see all these antique mantles below in our antique bar gallery . At our workshop we can modify, refinish and install any of our bars. If desired, we can customize or maintain any original finish.

We specialize in working with our customers to create a centerpiece for any room.

Check our 4 ft. to 14 ft. long antique back bar gallery (below) for all available antique bars and view some sold installed examples. All antique bars of any size are a better quality , less expensive and have a richer history than any good reproduction.

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